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MusicbrainzlogoA website visitor, Dominique, has setup their own musicbrainz mirror and offered to make it public.

It can be reached at Use port 81 for the actual musicbrainz server.

Thanks, Dominique!  If anyone else wants to submit a mirror, I’d be happy to share it here.  In the mean time, cloudatcost is still down and my mirror is still unavailable.


  1. I’m having trouble using custom musicbrainz servers in Headphones. If I just use the default server, it works sometimes. But if I select “custom” and put the above URL in the “host” field and “81” in the port number field, leaving the third option “sleep interval” set to the default “1” I get no results when I perform any searches. My log will show something like “Attempt to query MusicBrainz for ABBA failed (caused by: )” when I perform searches. I also tried putting in the “host” field but that didn’t help. I must be doing something wrong here, since I can access the website through a web browser. I know this isn’t a help forum, but anyone have a suggestion?

  2. Hi Johnna,

    It should work just fine with Headphones. I’m using the latest version without any errors and pretty fast. I’ve made a screenshot of the settings i’m using in Headhones:

    Could you restart headphones, make sure it’s up to date and let my know any detailed log information?

  3. OK this is strange… I put in the information again, as you had it, and now it is working. I was sure I had put it in that exact way myself, especially as I simply copied and pasted the info rather than retyping. The only thing I can think of is that I probably had the http:// in there before the “MUSICBRAINZ.DOFL.NL” part and maybe headphones didn’t like that. This is not the only custom server I had trouble with; I was getting the same error with others including tranquilbase when I *thought* it was up.

  4. you’re welcome. If you have problems with the musicbrainz mirror on let me know, I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible. In august, I updated the musicbrainz mirror to the current version 2016-08-beta. So some erros were fixed.

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