MusicbrainzlogoJust a heads up — I’ll be stopping forwarding on to the musicbrainz server.  Please use the address (port 80 or 5000 if your software requires one).

For the curious: I moved the musicbrainz server to a new (more better) host a while back.  I’m currently forwarding all port 5000 requests from the old host to the new host, which is a bit inefficient and adds another layer to the request (and if the forwarding server goes offline, it’ll reject requests even if the musicbrainz server is still up).

So, change your software to use  The forwarder will stop functioning later this week and all your musicy goodness will stop working if you don’t.


  1. Yes this query :

    Gives me

    Search Error
    The search server could not fulfill your request due to an internal error. This is usually only temporary, so please retry your search again later.

    Below is the error information. If you wish to file a bug report, you may do so at our bug tracker. The below information will help, so please be sure to include it!

    Can’t connect to (timeout)

    LWP::Protocol::http::Socket: connect: timeout at /home/musicbrainz/perl5/lib/perl5/LWP/Protocol/ line 51, line 2.

    1. Oh, you’re using the web interface… most people use my musicbrainz db with 3rd party software. It looks like musicbrainz is trying to forward the request onto their main site and it’s timing out.

      When I hit “” it redirects me to “” so the software is probably not equipped to handle that. I’ll have to see if there’s a server update or configuration change required.

  2. Yeah same issue here, headphones is not getting any results anymore from your server. If I search an artist I get this in the log file:

    Attempt to query MusicBrainz for supertramp failed (caused by: )

    And this url give the following error:

    Can’t connect to (timeout)

    LWP::Protocol::http::Socket: connect: timeout at /home/musicbrainz/perl5/lib/perl5/LWP/Protocol/ line 51, line 1.

    1. Okay, it looks like the IP filter was happening on my hosts side. We should be back up and running.

      Let me know if it starts happening again.

  3. Yeah, it looked like it was working for a bit yesterday then reverted back to erroring out.

    I think I’ll have to create a new mirror on a different host. I’m pretty busy this morning but I’ll try to get something up and running later today.

    I’ll make a post to the front page. Thanks for the heads up

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