MusicBrainz Mirror Issues

MusicbrainzlogoIt might be nearing the end of my MusicBrainz mirror.  I originally figured 10-20 people would be using it, and the hardware was cobbled together with that in mind.

Last month I had around 1,500 users and served 8.7million requests.  It’s a fraction of the requests the main mirror gets, but it’s been enough to burn through a hard drive (and as of this morning, another) and pretty much peg the CPU at 100%.

I don’t have an endless supply of spare hardware to throw at it, and the hardware I do have is spare for a reason — whatever was leftover from an upgrade or kinda-sorta-working.  Definitely not server-level stuff.

Last night I configured a mirror on a VPS I have and briefly shifted traffic to it.  It worked well, until the VPS went down and I got a nasty-gram from the host.  I was hoping that would solve some of the issues, but I think it was just too much for the VPS.

I’m going to try to get it up and running again (migrating the vm to a new datastore right now) but since I don’t even use the MusicBrainz database myself, I really can’t see myself buying hardware to keep it running if it continues to cause issues.

I hope you guys understand.  If you have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer them.

The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute

Tony Sly

Tony Sly

Just a heads up, Fat Wreck Chords released the Tony Sly tribute CD a couple days ago.  If you don’t know, he was the lead singer/songwriter of No Use For A Name (as well as his acoustic band later in life) and passed away July 31, 2012 at the age of 41.

The CD has 33 tracks covered by various members of the punk scene he influenced (or was influenced by…).  It’s a really great CD and you should pick it up.  All proceeds go to his wife and two children via The Tony Sly Memorial Fund.

The CD is $12, Digital Download is $10.  Clicky

Band Song MP3 Video Ringtone
1: Karina Denike Biggest Lie
2: Mad Caddies AM
3: Strung Out Soulmate
4: Rise Against For Fiona
5: Bad Religion Let It Slide
6: NOFX The Shortest Pier
7: Snuff On the Outside
8: The Bouncing Souls Homecoming
9: Old Man Markley Feel Good Song of the Year
10: Lagwagon Discomfort Inn
11: Teenage Bottlerocket Via Munich
12: Frank Turner Keira Download
13: Get Dead Pre-Medicated Murder
14: Pennywise Devonshire and Crown
15: Alkaline Trio Straight from the Jacket
16: The Gaslight Anthem Capo 4th Fret
17: Yellowcard Already Won
18: Swingin’ Utters Not Your Savior
19: The Flatliners Fireball
20: Simple Plan Justified Black Eye
21: Useless ID Frances Stewart
22: Jon Snodgrass & the Dead Peasants On the Outside
23: American Steel Dark Corner
24: Frenzal Rhomb Flying South
25: Anti-Flag Toaster in the Bathtub
26: Joey Cape with Scorpios International You Day
27: Russ Rankin Via Munich*
28: Donots Invincible*
29: Brian Wahlstrom The Answer is Still No*
30: The Swellers Chasing Rainbows*
31: The Holy Mess Fatal Flu*
32: Miracles Coming Too Close*
33: Ryan Hardester International You Day*

Sandcube BBS

Every so often, nostalgia kicks me in the face and I miss the “old days”.  Sitting in front of a monochrome screen, dialing into my favorite BBS’ and praying that mom didn’t pick up the phone.  The thing about nostalgia is the memory never lives up to the real thing.  Going back to text based games with all their simplicity — both in form and function — is a jarring change from… well, any game made after 1995.


It’s still a helluva lot of fun though.  BladeMaster, Mutants!, and Trade Wars 2002 are still incredibly fun in their own weird way.  If you want to check out what the cutting edge of multiplayer gaming was circa 1990, I set up a BBS which you can telnet into:

I recommend PuTTY or mTelnet for a connection client.  If you go use PuTTY, these settings will make it look the best (mTelnet looks good by default):

  • Set Window->Translation->Remote Character Set to “CP437” AND
  • Set Window->Appearance->Font to “Terminal”

Experience the wonder…


Battling the mighty Crimson Dragon (he’s that red thingy… fearsome)




The iconic Mutants! opening screen






The year 2002 was supposed to be so much cooler…

Calibre Content Server Bootstrap Template

calibre-logo01/10/2014 UPDATE: Please click here for the newest template (now with Bootstrap3)


The awesome calibre has a built-in content server which allows access to your library from anywhere (even from the sparse kindle browser).  While I think it’s handy as all get-out, the default theme isn’t quite my style.

I did some googling and was surprised that I wasn’t able to find any drop-in templates for it.  Maybe I’m just one of the few that uses the content server.

A while back, out of a boredom and curiosity, I began working on “bootstrapifying” calibre with Twitter’s Bootstrap.  Aside from including the base Bootstrap scaffolding, there were some JavaScript, CSS, and template changes that had to be made.  I don’t really remember what they were anymore though.

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Rebuilt MusicBrainz Database Server


Things were getting wonky with my MusicBrainz mirror so I rebuilt it from scratch.  It should be fully updated and in sync with the master server.

Same address, same free-ness.  Point the configuration for your MusicBrainz server to: (port 80 if required)

I added some forums so feel free to post away if things get weird!

Calibre E-Books, Command Line, And You (Well, Me)


Every single time I re-install Calibre, I forget where the configuration is to make it stop asking me where the database is.  I don’t have the calibre GUI running, which is where the instructions point you to for configuring this.

root@tripoli:~/.config/calibre# calibredb list
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "", line 58, in main
 File "site-packages/calibre/library/", line 1393, in main
 File "site-packages/calibre/library/", line 180, in command_list
 File "site-packages/calibre/library/", line 59, in get_db
ValueError: No saved library path, either run the GUI or use the --with-library option

It’s located at ~/.config/calibre/

library_path = '/Media/Books'

While you’re in there, you might want to limit the columns that get searched.  If you have a big library, limiting it to important columns like author and title will really speed things up:

limit_search_columns = True

limit_search_columns_to = cPickle.loads('\x80\x02]q\x01(U\x05titleq\x02U\x07authorsq\x03e.')

You can always search the other columns like “tags:scifi” if you really want to.