MusicBrainz Mirror Fixed…?

MusicbrainzlogoOkay folks, I think we’re back up and running.  I personally don’t even use the mirror so I’ll rely on you guys to let me know if it’s working or not 🙂

I did some sample queries and it looked like it was properly returning results.

(Also, the replication fell out of sync… it’s catching up now but has ~3 days of data to process)


    1. I use a pretty cheap host for the musicbrainz mirror (since it’s free) so it tends to be less reliable than I’d prefer. If it’s a prolonged downtime, let me know and I’ll check it out. Otherwise, it’s just the host (CloudAtCost) being its usual unreliable self.

  1. Ignore my msg.. it worked then I used the correct domain:port. 🙂 Thanks for providing this service.. updating my music collection and the main musicbrainz server wasnt up to much.

  2. Just a note: I haven’t used this mirror in a few months. Went to use it today and got errors which led me to discover you changed the server name to OK fine, but I still got errors. Changing from port 5000 to port 80 corrected.

    1. Yep… please see the newest post. The server is unresponsive and I’m waiting on the host (CloudAtCost) to respond. Their VPS are oversold and their customer service is terrible so it might be a while. We’ll see!

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