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News and updates about my public MusicBrainz mirror, located at

Musicbrainz Mirror Still Down Because CloudAtCost is Terrible

MusicbrainzlogoThe Musicbrainz mirror remains offline after 24 hours because CloudAtCost is a very bad VPS provider.   If I had a nickel for every time the VPS went offline I’d build myself a datacenter out of nickels.

Yeah, they’re cheap.  That’s about all they have going for them.  Their network is lossy, their machines are oversold, and their uptime is laughable.

Since the mirror is free, I don’t really have any option but to stick with them so we’ll have to ride out the downtime.

05/21/2014 08:15AM Edit: We’re past the 48 hour mark of downtime.  CloudAtCost is seriously the worst VPS host, please stay away from them.

05/21/2014 02:51PM Edit: According to CloudAtCost, my server “should be fixed tonight”… it’s really comforting to know they’re so confident in their abilities to get things fixed in a timely manner (or at all).  55+ hours offline at this point.  

MusicBrainz Mirror Fixed…?

MusicbrainzlogoOkay folks, I think we’re back up and running.  I personally don’t even use the mirror so I’ll rely on you guys to let me know if it’s working or not 🙂

I did some sample queries and it looked like it was properly returning results.

(Also, the replication fell out of sync… it’s catching up now but has ~3 days of data to process)


MusicbrainzlogoJust a heads up — I’ll be stopping forwarding on to the musicbrainz server.  Please use the address (port 80 or 5000 if your software requires one).

For the curious: I moved the musicbrainz server to a new (more better) host a while back.  I’m currently forwarding all port 5000 requests from the old host to the new host, which is a bit inefficient and adds another layer to the request (and if the forwarding server goes offline, it’ll reject requests even if the musicbrainz server is still up).

So, change your software to use  The forwarder will stop functioning later this week and all your musicy goodness will stop working if you don’t.

How To Setup Your Own MusicBrainz Mirror (Ubuntu 12.04-12.10)

MusicbrainzlogoSince I’ve been rebuilding my server a bit recently, I figured I’d put the steps into a document.  There are a few good guides out there, but I always seemed to run into weird issues which weren’t covered.

This is more-or-less a “how to” guide (with information borrowed from a couple sources), albeit slightly tailored to how I have my servers setup.  I based it off a fresh Ubuntu 12.10 install, but it also worked on a fresh 12.04 install.  If you’re going to use an existing server, there may be parts of this that don’t apply (such as network configuration).

If you do end up trying, let me know how it goes and if I missed anything.

MusicBrainz Mirror Installation Guide (Ubuntu 12.04 – 12.10)

MusicBrainz Mirror Issues

MusicbrainzlogoIt might be nearing the end of my MusicBrainz mirror.  I originally figured 10-20 people would be using it, and the hardware was cobbled together with that in mind.

Last month I had around 1,500 users and served 8.7million requests.  It’s a fraction of the requests the main mirror gets, but it’s been enough to burn through a hard drive (and as of this morning, another) and pretty much peg the CPU at 100%.

I don’t have an endless supply of spare hardware to throw at it, and the hardware I do have is spare for a reason — whatever was leftover from an upgrade or kinda-sorta-working.  Definitely not server-level stuff.

Last night I configured a mirror on a VPS I have and briefly shifted traffic to it.  It worked well, until the VPS went down and I got a nasty-gram from the host.  I was hoping that would solve some of the issues, but I think it was just too much for the VPS.

I’m going to try to get it up and running again (migrating the vm to a new datastore right now) but since I don’t even use the MusicBrainz database myself, I really can’t see myself buying hardware to keep it running if it continues to cause issues.

I hope you guys understand.  If you have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer them.

Rebuilt MusicBrainz Database Server


Things were getting wonky with my MusicBrainz mirror so I rebuilt it from scratch.  It should be fully updated and in sync with the master server.

Same address, same free-ness.  Point the configuration for your MusicBrainz server to: (port 80 if required)

I added some forums so feel free to post away if things get weird!