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Sandcube BBS

Every so often, nostalgia kicks me in the face and I miss the “old days”.  Sitting in front of a monochrome screen, dialing into my favorite BBS’ and praying that mom didn’t pick up the phone.  The thing about nostalgia is the memory never lives up to the real thing.  Going back to text based games with all their simplicity — both in form and function — is a jarring change from… well, any game made after 1995.


It’s still a helluva lot of fun though.  BladeMaster, Mutants!, and Trade Wars 2002 are still incredibly fun in their own weird way.  If you want to check out what the cutting edge of multiplayer gaming was circa 1990, I set up a BBS which you can telnet into:

I recommend PuTTY or mTelnet for a connection client.  If you go use PuTTY, these settings will make it look the best (mTelnet looks good by default):

  • Set Window->Translation->Remote Character Set to “CP437” AND
  • Set Window->Appearance->Font to “Terminal”

Experience the wonder…


Battling the mighty Crimson Dragon (he’s that red thingy… fearsome)




The iconic Mutants! opening screen






The year 2002 was supposed to be so much cooler…