Calibre E-Books, Command Line, And You (Well, Me)


Every single time I re-install Calibre, I forget where the configuration is to make it stop asking me where the database is.  I don’t have the calibre GUI running, which is where the instructions point you to for configuring this.

root@tripoli:~/.config/calibre# calibredb list
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "", line 58, in main
 File "site-packages/calibre/library/", line 1393, in main
 File "site-packages/calibre/library/", line 180, in command_list
 File "site-packages/calibre/library/", line 59, in get_db
ValueError: No saved library path, either run the GUI or use the --with-library option

It’s located at ~/.config/calibre/

library_path = '/Media/Books'

While you’re in there, you might want to limit the columns that get searched.  If you have a big library, limiting it to important columns like author and title will really speed things up:

limit_search_columns = True

limit_search_columns_to = cPickle.loads('\x80\x02]q\x01(U\x05titleq\x02U\x07authorsq\x03e.')

You can always search the other columns like “tags:scifi” if you really want to.

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